The family line from which I descended began in Canterbury, New Zealand, with the arrival of James Bowring (Listed as Bowering on the Shipping List) on the ship 'Eastern Monarch' which arrived at the Canterbury port on 22nd July 1874, after having sailed from England on the 7th May 1874.

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The early pioneers of New Zealand were steadfast in their Christian Faith. Churches were often some of the first buildings to be erected in each area that was settled. Modern day descendents of pioneers no longer share the Faith with the conviction or in the numbers that their forefathers did when they came to this country.

Many fail to see the relevance of Christianity in today's modern world and even confessing Christians are Bible illiterate, not understanding what the Holy Scriptures are saying. Understanding can be lost in translation from Greek and Hebrew to English. Understanding can be lost by not knowing the habits, culture, figure of speech and idioms of the societies at the time of the writing of the scriptures.

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